Publication Dates: 1963 – 1964
Number of Issues Published: 89 (#1 – #89)

Boys’ World was a boys’ comic published in the UK. It ran for 89 issues in 1963 and 1964 before merging with the Eagle.

Strips included:

“John Brody and the Green Men”
“The Angry Planet”
“Wrath of the Gods”, illustrated by Ron Embleton
“Merlo the Magician”
“Raff Regan
“Dr. What and his Time Clock
“Billy Binns and his Wonderful Specs” by Ted Cowan and Bill Mainwaring
“The Iron Man” illustrated by Gerry Embleton, Martin Salvador
“Private Proon”
“Pike Mason”
“Gun Lore” illustrated by Frank Humphris


UPDATE 26-09-2016

v1 3,42,44-48, v2 1,3,11,12


v2 13-18,20,26,31,35,36



v1 19,30,31,32,34,35,38,39 v2 24,29,30,33,37



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  1. Archivos (200 MB total)
    Boy’s World V1N03 [1963-02-09] [TUBCBG].cbr
    Boy’s World V1N42 [1963-11-09] [TUBCBG].cbr
    Boy’s World V1N44 [1963-11-23] [TUBCBG].cbr
    Boy’s World V1N45 [1963-11-30] [TUBCBG].cbr
    Boy’s World V1N46 [1963-12-07] [TUBCBG].cbr
    Boy’s World V1N47 [1963-12-14] [TUBCBG].cbr
    Boys’ World V1N48 [1963-12-21] [TUBCBG].cbr
    Boy’s World V2N01 [1964-01-04] [TUBCBG].cbr
    Boy’s World V2N03 [1964-01-18] [TUBCBG].cbr
    Y 6 más…
    Disponible hasta
    30 de marzo de 2016
    Enlace de descarga
    One week for download


  2. Anonymous says:

    The date for the first issue of Boy’s World was 26th January 1963.


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